Become a CNA – Steps to take

How to Become a CNA

First things first:

To become a CNA start by visiting your State's official department regarding CNA certification. Although I keep the site up-to-date on current information, every State has its own unique set of criteria for CNA License.


Research CNA training  programs that are approved by your State.  You can find a complete list at  Training instills valuable knowledge, experience, skills practice and confidence; all attributing to your future CNA career success. You will also be more marketable to future employers. Generally, CNA training programs dedicate 20 hours to skills practice and 40 hours to clinical training, for a total of 80 hours. However, training programs range from 60 hours to 125 hours.

A CNA class can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several hundred. The cost usually includes your tuition, textbooks, CPR training, and the fee for the CNA certification test.  Additional costs to the student will include necessary immunizations, scrubs, a watch, and shoes.

Face-to-face classroom time with a trained instructor does provide additional benefits over an online program. A day in the life of a CNA is a very hands-on experience, so having real-life practice in a classroom setting will give you a better idea of what to expect from your future career. It will further build your confidence and prepare you for the CNA certification exam.


After completion of your CNA training program, you will be ready to take your State's CNA Certificatiion  Test.'s
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