California CNA Information

The State of California follows a set of guidelines, as mandated by OBRA 1987, to ensure the quality of care that CNAs render while doing their jobs in long-term facilities. Laws are implemented throughout the state for the benefit of the resident or patient as well as for the CNA. The Department of Health Services Office is responsible for approving, maintaining, and monitoring qualified CNAs. In California, many Long Term Care (LTC) facilities offer a wide range of work opportunities for CNAs who would like to experience life in the medical industry.  California leads the list of state in need for CNAs; over 4000 CNAs will be needed by the state in coming years.  This fact makes this career in demand in California.

State Contact Information for CNA Certifications

California Department of Public Health
Licensing and Certification
P.O. Box 997377, MS 3000
Sacramento, California 95899-7377
Telephone General: (916) 552-8700
Toll-Free General: (800) 236-9747
Email address: [email protected]

CNA Salary in California

  • Between $19,991 - $35,647
  • Typically $8.66 - $10.87 per hour (hourly rate will increase, based on experience)

California CNA Program & Training Information

California CNA programs must consist of at least 150 training hours (both classroom and clinical instruction). Some state-approved training programs may differ when it comes to number of hours in classroom settings and practical training.

See a list of approved California CNA training programs

Information in California

It is important to know that state regulations change often.  This site is updated frequently, however, please double check all information with your states official government agency.  Links and contact information are provided for your convenience.

If an approved CNA wishes to work as a CNA in they must have an active CNA certification and a good standing employment record. With this, you may qualify for certification in California without taking the CNA training evaluation test. Then, to be fully qualified to work in California, you will need to submit the required documents. For more information you may contact the California Nurse Assistant Registry.

Renewal in California

To renew CNA Certification in California:

You may renew without retraining or retaking the state certification exam if you renew within two years of your CNA certification.  The State requires a CNA to complete 24 hours of in-service training per year, with a total of 48 hours required to qualify for a two-year renewal of certification.  You must have preformed nursing related work for compensation during your two year certification period.

(1) A pre-printed re-certification form will be mailed out to the CNA 2-3 months prior to your expiration date. If you still do not receive a notice, you may obtain renewal form.

(2) Completed form with required documents and fees must be mailed to the address indicated in the form.

To renew Expired CNA Certification in California:

If you are over two years from your expiration you will need to apply for reactivation of your certification:

(1) Obtain renewal form.

(2) Completed form with required documentation of the required in-service training and fees must be mailed to the address indicated in the form.

(3)  Once your application is approved you will be notified about testing.  Once you pass your competency evaluation(testing) and your criminal record is deemed clear you will be re-certified.'s
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