Q. What is a CNA?

A.  CNA stands for Certified Nursing Assistant. Under the supervision of an RN, a CNA assists with the health care needs of an individual.

Q. What is the income level of a CNA?

A. The hourly wage ranges from $10-$14 an hour or approximately $24,000 a year

Q. Are benefits provided to CNAs?

A.  Most CNAs receive benefits if they work in a hospital or long-term care facilities.  Benefits may not be available for those working in the private sector, but they may be able to achieve a higher hourly rate.


Q. What  education is required to become a Certified Nursing Assistant?

A. You must have a high school diploma or equivalent to enter a CNA Certificate program.

Q.  Am I required to attend a training program, or may I take the exam without it?

A. You may take the exam without the completion of a training program. However,  completion of a State-approved training program  is strongly recommended.

Q. What if I passed the written portion but failed the skills portion of the exam?

A. Both the written and skills portions of the exam must be passed in order to become CNA-certified.

Q. Can I be found ineligible to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant?

A. Yes. Many States are different when determining disqualifying offenses.  It is best to refer to your State's policy.

After CNA certification

Q. What is the validity of my certification?

A.  Generally, once you pass the State Exam, your certification is valid for two years.  However, it is best to check with your State's Health Department.

Q.  How do I keep my CNA certification current?

A.  Work a minimum amount every year or retake the State Exam every two years.

Q.  Is there ongoing education for CNAs after they get certified?

A.  Yes.  There are programs and conferences that are recommended to keep a CNA up-to-date in their field. Many places of employment encourage and/or offer these programs.'s
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