CNA Testing Sites

CNA testing sites are places wherein an examinees will take his or her CNA state exam. Each school has its own state-approved testing sites. Main goal among testing centers are to provide valid and credible CNA exams and results. The competency exam consists of two parts - the written and practical exams. Prior to the exam, orientation takes place. The test takers are informed about what to bring and what not to bring during the actual exam.

To get information on CNA testing centers in your own state, you can always access The site provide state information on how to contact your Nurse Aide Registry at the same time it gives you an insight on what to do if you want to take the competency exam.

  • As an examinees, it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the testing facilities.
  • Ask for a quick tour of the test center before you schedule your exam. This will allow you to weed out facilities that are prone to interruptions, distractions, or other disadvantages.
  • Follow up on your test schedules to make sure you have the right information. There was one instance of a student not being able to take the exam on the exact date because the venue was closed for a holiday. So you should always double-check the information with your testing center.
  • If possible, schedule your test on a day when you know you won’t have to attend meetings or handle pressing work responsibilities. It is important that you are relaxed during the exam.'s
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