CNA Testing Sites in NC

CNA testing sites in NC have become in demand facility all throughout the state. Medical facilities keep on hiring CNAs. In accordance to the federal law, you must complete any state-approved nursing assistant training program and must pass the competency evaluation. These two requirements must be followed in order for you to work in any healthcare facilities in North Carolina.

If you are interested to study nursing assistant, there are many schools within the state that offers quality CNA education – List of North Carolina CNA Training Programs. Once you’re done with the training, you have the opportunity to take the CNA exam. State competency evaluation is divided into two parts, written and clinical exam. Both exam takes place on same testing location at the same day. Yes, you heard it right! You will be having exam on written and clinical just for one day. On the first part of the test (written), you will answers general information through multiple choice. And on the second part (clinical), you will demonstrate the five CNA skills within thirty minutes.

You maybe scared and anxious but don’t worry, your testing center will definitely instruct you important details on the exam proper. Like in North Carolina, PearsonVue (only state-approved testing center) will provide a handbook that will give you feedbacks and insights on the actual test.

Unfortunately, PearsonVue’s handbook has limited information when it comes to nursing assistant concepts. Hence, use a CNA Study Guide that educate you more about nursing assistant principles and skills. This study guide is written by a CNA expert named Suzanne Sweezy. She designed the book in an outline form.  It is done for you so that in your end you don’t have to spend your time summarizing your text book, instead you will use your time in studying. In addition, what is good about her e-book is that it also includes complete study tools and audio materials to help you with your CNA state exam.’s
Study Guide and Practice Tests

Our Proven Study System Includes:

16 Review Lessons
Glossary Section + Medical Abbreviations
200 Study Exercises
300 Flashcards
Smart Device Compatible
4 practice tests & much more!
Bonus – How to get hired
CNA Skill Walk-through on Audio (Optional)





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